How I decided with my business name.

When starting your business it can be very stressful building it from the ground up. I will say what took me a few days to figure out was the permanent name to my business. I mean, this is like naming your “child” and I wanted to make sure I didn’t use a name I’ll someday regret. I knew I wanted to use a name inspired by my ultimate favorite band Depeche Mode. So I decided to binge on their albums and one name of a song stuck with me….’Sweetest Perfection’. This song has an awesome title but the lyrics speaks of addition, not necessarily about drugs. I think we all have a ‘something’ we may say we can’t live without or be addicted too.

My love for photography runs through my blood and without it I don’t know how I’ll live without it. Regardless how you want to interpret the song it just sounded perfect for my business name. During my photo sessions I encourage a more natural candid environment in hopes to capture genuine sweet but almost perfect photos. Photos are memories frozen forever in time, a moment never forgotten as long as you have that photo.